Unleashing Google Analytics

Unleashing Google Analytics Training Fee: Rs.15,000/-

Unleashing Google Analytics Training Course Duration: 12 Hours in 6 Days

Who Should Attend This Unleashing Google Analytics Training?

  1. Businessmen: Want To Know What’s Going On At Website, Make  Sure Everything Is Perfectly Working Fine, Also Have Quick Eye On Website Progress
  2. Analysts: Want To Analyze The Potential Of The Business, Want To See Critical Areas Of The Business Where To Take Some Corrective Preventive Actions
  3. Advertisers: Want To Identify The Correct Potential For Any Website, Which Stats Are To Trust On And Which To Ignore

Learning Outcome Benefits & Advantages Unleashing Google Analytics Training:

  • Learn The Fundamentals Of Web Metrics And Web Analytics.
  • Learn What Web Analytics Can Do For Your Business.
  • Learn Common Web Analytics Methodologies Suitable For Different Types Of Websites.
  • Learn How Google Analytics Works.
  • Learn The Key Features And Capabilities Of Google Analytics.
  • Learn To Set Up Google Analytics Accounts And Profiles.
  • Learn Access Management Techniques For Your Google Analytics Accounts And Profiles.
  • Lean How To Generate Reports In Google Analytics (Visitor Reports, Traffic Sources Reports, Content Reports, And Goals Report).
  • Learn To Analyze Default Reports In Google Analytics To Interpret Web Metrics Data.
  • Learn To Create And Apply Filters In Google Analytics.
  • Learn Best Practices For Setting Filters In Google Analytics.
  • Learn To Create Goals And Funnels In Google Analytics.
  • Learn To Interpret Reports For Analyzing Goals And Funnels In Google Analytics.

Unleashing Google Analytics Course Outline/Agenda

  • Overview And Background Of Web Analytics
    • Introduction To Web Analytics
    • Why Learn Web Analytics: Analytics Vs. Reporting
    • Fundamentals Of Web Analytics
  • Introduction To Google Analytics
    • Basics Of Google Analytics
    • Getting Started With Google Analytics
    • The Importance Of Tracking Campaigns
    •  The Tracking Script
    •  What Can Be Tracked With Google Analytics?
    • Natural (SEO) Vs. Paid (PPC) Search
    • Access Management
  • Administrative Interface
    • Setting Up An Account And Profile
    • Adding Users
    • Overview Of Standard Filters
    • Overview Of Goals And Funnels
    • Overview Of Site Search
    • Linking With Adwords
  • Reports In Google Analytics
    • Introduction To Reports: Overview, Visitors, Traffic, Content, E-Commerce
    • Reporting Delay
    • Discuss Interface Features
    • Date Selection Tool
    • Exporting And Saving Reports
    • Customizing Dashboards
    • Emailing Reports
    • Understanding The Report Layout
    • Exporting Your Data From Google Analytics
    • Digging Into Reports
    • Visitors Report Demystified
    • Traffic Sources Report Demystified
  • What Do You Want To Track?
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIS)
    • Traffic Sources Analysis
    • Lead Generation Metrics
    • Branding And Rich Internet Application (RIA) Metrics
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Website Design/Site Content Optimization
    • E-Commerce
  • Understanding Filters In Google Analytics
    • Introduction To Filters
    • Overview Of Different Types Of Filters
  • Goals In Google Analytics
    • Introduction To Goals
    • Configuring Goals
    • Goals Vs. Events
    • Analyzing Goals Using Standard Reports
  • Funnels In Google Analytics
    • Introduction To Funnels
    • Building A Funnel In Google Analytics
    • Funnel Virtualization Report
  • Integrating Google Analytics With Google Adwords
    • Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns Through Google Analytics