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I did my SEO training with Asif Iqbal and after having a wonderful experience in the course, I can now proudly say.

**Asif Iqbal is one of the most respected and top teachers you will find in Karachi.
**He grooms you into a professional SEO expert. He has opened my mind and trained me very well, in fact he has changed my life forever in the marketing field.
**I Highly recommend Asif Iqbal for SEO or any other marketing course that he teaches.
** He is a friendly, intelligent and an understanding Tutor.
** He is open, down to earth and a genuine man
** He is well educated, experienced in the Internet marketing field.
** I would personally rate him 10/10 and give him a 5 star badge!

If your looking to do a course with Asif Iqbal, do not waste your time else where. You have come to the right place!

He will guide you, train you very well because that's what he does!

Abbas Shah

Abbas Shah   
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Hello guys. My name is Muhammed Bilal. I want to share my experience of Sir Asif Iqbal with you guys. After completing my FSC, I was looking for SEO jobs, as my friends are working in other companies and earning good money so they can pay their university fees.
I don’t have money to pay high University fees, therefore I asked my friends to look for some jobs for me. They told me that you should have some knowledge of SEO, since it’s a fun profession, and you can earn good amount even if you do freelancing. They referred me of Sir Asif, and I started taking his SEO classes. After just 1 month, I was so daring and right got a good job.
Now I am working at a good reputed company as well as doing some freelancing work from home and making enough money to pay for a hi-fi university.
Therefore, I would recommend other also to join his classes. It’s a one-time expense to pay his fees, but I must say that you could easily produce that amount in just few weeks!
Thanks to Sir Asif Iqbal for offering such great opportunities to the people like me who were very hopeless and now I am extremely happy to call myself a Certified SEO.

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal   
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Aoa, Adil Memon here, and I'm doing Buisness the name "Karachi Beach HUTS" Right Now I am a student of Sir Asif Iqbal. As a teacher i respect him a lot. At first i thought that he is kind of reserved but with time I got to know that he's a very good person and teacher. He has always been open for any ideas you want for your business relating to social media promotion. He promised us in the beginning of the semester that he would make us establish a business. To be exact he said, 'You guys will thank me later'. He was absolutely right, apart from our non-serious attitude towards our business, we really can make it successful if we give proper time that it requires. Sir, it was great having you as an instructor who is not only teaching just another course, but also helping us for our future business and if not that, then at least making us think about establishing one. It was a pleasure. 🙂 Hope to learn more from you. Regards, M Adil Arif Memon

Adil Memon   
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Hello,,,my name is Saif Rahman and i am a businessman...
I took a course of SEO (Search engine optimization) from sir Asif Iqbal...
I have heard ALOT about sir Asif that he is the pioneer of marketing,,,so i thought to meet him up and after meeting him i came to a conclusion that he is the guy i was searching for,,,therefore i immediately registered myself for the course because i know that the next five years were going to be totally based up on internet and technology and all the businesses were going to be done on the internet... My experience with sir Asif was truly amazing and i learnt many things from him... his mission is to make every person on earth a Businessman or businesswoman 🙂
Thanks sir for your expert advice and everything you taught me and my good wishes are with you 🙂
Take care sir 🙂

Saif Rahman   
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Today I am happy because one more jewel I have found and saved in my Treasure Box for the rest of my life. I have heard a lot of good good things about Sir Asif Iqbal and after meeting and taking a SEO course with him, I came to a conclusion of “HENCE PROVED” that Sir Asif is a great teacher, a mentor who inspires you with his experiences and demonstrations that are worthy enough to learn from it. We have very few people who are expert in the digital world as this is a complete new field but I can say Sir Asif Iqbal is the Ace of local and international Markets. He is sincere, experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and hardworking, Sir you deserves a Salute and respect for your mission of life. As Einstein says "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." And Sir Asif you have that art. Sir has helped me not to follow my dream but to chase and make it real. In the end I only want to say that I don’t want to end this extra expensive relationship here but I want to follow You around for the rest of my life; I will be honored learning everything you wishes to share as you taught me the art of living well.

Saman Saeed   
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My name is Darakshan Khan. I took a course from Sir Asif Iqbal as a requirement of my bachelors program. At first I thought that it is a waste of time by teaching us a course of Social Media and Internet Marketing as we all spent a big amount of time on these things daily, but when I started to take my classes I realized that there is a huge world that we are not aware of and with which we could do wonders. I learned so much from this course and right after I got done with the course I found about a job of Social Media I applied and mentioned that I have done this course and answered there questions as I knew about them. Now I am working as a Social Media Executive in a high profile news channel. And all the credit goes to Sir Asif Iqbal for teaching us with honesty and for making us believe in ourselves. Thank you Sir this wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Darakshan Khan   
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I studied Social Media and Internet Marketing from Sir Asif Iqbal at Iqra University. I truly believe that he has great knowledge over the subject and has an answer to every question, His explanations are quite understandable and he motivates students a lot. After studying this course, I've realized that business can be started with good marketing and promotion at a minimal cost and it can all be even done by oneself, His coaching skills are great and he tries and makes sure that each one of his student understands the correct way to grow & earn through social media and internet marketing. I strongly recommend taking classes from him if you are interested in the field.


Syed Muhammad Saqib Hasan   
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Hello, i am Amna Ishtiaque, student of Iqra University. Iqra university offered me a great opportunity to attend the course "Social Media & Internet Marketing". Mr. Asif Iqbal was teaching us this course and it was an wonderful experience to have such a dedicated and kind teacher who taught us everything about social media and its tactic's. This course has certainly polished my skills and without Mr. Asif iqbal, it was impossible to do so. Thank You very much for teaching us with full devotion.

Amna Ishtiaque   
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Hey, I am Muhammad Kumail, student of Mr. Asif Iqbal at Iqra university. First of all I would like to owe my gratitude to Mr. Asif for his teaching expertise and command over Social Media & Internet Marketing and passing his information onto his students and making us use them as the most powerful & prolific weapon for promotion and advertising. I certainly didn't know that Social Media and Internet's tools can be that handy for the promotion and progression of a business but it's due to him that now we have a third dimension in the field of Marketing. I urge all the people out there who are perplexed about the fact that whether to make SEO as their profession or not that they should join in this field and what's better than joining and learning it from Mr. Asif. In the end I would really like to Thank you for making me aware to the latest trends and findings of the modern era and making them look so easy and simple, thanks to your teaching methodologies.

Muhammad Kumail   
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I cannot express my feelings when I had to register this course. I thought of this course as an extremely useless and time-wasting course. But then, as the semester passed, I learned hundreds of amazing things that I never knew of. I had always thought of Social media as complete wastage of time but Sir Asif Iqbal taught us the real power of social media. His way of teaching is excellent and his knowledge is enormous. I had no idea that one can advertise and market their product in such a great way. Social media and Internet marketing is extremely essential for any brand or product. I thank Sir Asif Iqbal for empowering us with such great knowledge that holds highly practical and useful value. It was a great experience. Sir Asif Iqbal is a great teacher.

Tahniah Manzar   
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Social Media and Internet Marketing could have never been so interesting without a teacher like him. Mr Asif Iqbal, a person so intelligent and highly educated in terms of SEO and Web Marketing with an amazing personality. Humble in nature and who would never back off when asked for help. I, as a student of Iqra University, spent good 4 months with him as my course instruct for social media marketing. I started my own business and I am very happy to take that step under his guidance. Thank you Sir for sharing your experiences, your knowledge and helping us throughout the course. May you remain blessed!

Hatim Yousuf   
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Salam, My name is Mohammad Saad Saeed and fortunately the student of Sir Asif Iqbal. I have done the "Word Press" course from him. As I am from very different field so when I enrolled for the course I was illiterate about the course, the purpose of this course I came with a lack of knowledge and null mind. But when its end I am now full of knowledge, having strong point of views and confident enough about this course and this is just because of the hard work of one special person and that is Sir Asif Iqbal. He always read my confused mind but with all his efforts, explanation and examples change it to the confident mind and emerges out all the waves of misconception from it. One thing I would say that everybody can explain you but that everybody cannot be a teacher and this is what Sir Asif Iqbal is expert in, he knows the art of teaching and the ways of explaining, he always starts with your mind level and ends up with the raise of your level. He inspire you, he entertains you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know anything. He always motivates and shows the clear paths for the better future, For which I am deeply thankful to you Sir for being such a great teacher and for being my inspiration. Thank you for all your support & co-operation. Allah bless you.

Mohammad Saad Saeed   
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My name is Shahbaz Qayyum and I have just done my SEO training course from the SEO Guru Sir Asif Iqbal. My story is different from other students because I haven’t know anything about SEO and other Internet Marketing Stuff even I never know what is SEO and How it’s works and what is the importance of SEO because I was new in this fled. One day I am Searching for online internet jobs to earning extra Money suddenly I saw a ad of Sir Asif Iqbal for Internet Courses then I make a call to Sir and in Reply Sir gave me Advice to join SEO training and ask me to Search Asif Iqbal Profile on internet, I like his honesty and decide to join SEO Training. During training I learn how to make Keywords, Writing content, Title, Descriptions and other things in the end of training now I Proudly can say myself a complete Search Engine Optimizer and finely my goal is clear now I forget about finding internet jobs I decide to start my own Business. Few words in the owner of Sir Asif Iqbal his Specialty is that he always give easy examples to explain things and give opportunity to work on a live project which is so helpful for students. As a person I found Sir Asif Iqbal a true honest person how give his all priority to his Students any time and he share his Ideas and thoughts with Students and always make a friendly Environment to reach the mind of Students he shows complete confident in his Students. In my life he is a true and faith full person Teacher and Trainer and I always Respect him as I Respect my Parents. More than anything, I would like to thank him for being the great Trainer that he is. THANK YOU SIR SHAHBAZ QAYYUM

Shahbaz Qayyum   
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Hello’ I am Sarfaraz khan student of Iqra University & working in Geo Television Network. I’ve done Internet Marketing Course by Sir Asif. He is very good person and teacher. He has always been open for any ideas and guidance you want for your business relating to social media promotion and studies. He is not only a great teacher, he is a positive adviser as well and I always wants to share his ideas to others so that others could also facilitate. His teaching style was very friendly that all the students enjoyed his lecture. I learned how to market yourself in front of others which is very helpful for me whenever I have to present myself. Thank you for the support, time and appreciation. Regards, Sarfaraz.Khan

Sarfaraz Khan   
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Hello I'm Mairaj Fatima , I'm student of sir Asif Iqbal. He is a very good SEO trainer. He is my Internet marketing course instructor, it was such a great and interesting course I have learned alot from this course. Before this course I havent went through the smart techniques of the internet marketing and media plan. I really appreciates his teaching style, its very impressive and through out the semester he was very cooperative with us. THANK YOU SIR

Mairaj Fatima   

When I enrolled for the course "Social Media and Internet Marketing', I didn't know what I was getting into. Before classes started, my understanding of social media was very limited. I was unaware of this, until I met Sir Asif Iqbal. Not only does he have in-depth knowledge about the said course - he's always ready to help. Anything and everything related to social media marketing is on his fingertips and I can say with confidence that no questions by any student went unanswered in his class. He taught us how to take an idea and turn it into a business - simply by utilizing social media. I, for one, was somewhat doubtful of getting business simply through social media platforms, but with Mr. Asif Iqbal's continuous guidance in class really showed me the way. More than anything, I would like to thank him for being the great teacher that he is.

Unaiza Z. Maniar   
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With all due respect, it's been an honor to study under your expertise. You've taught us all the basic and the major functions of Social Media and how it could turn our talent into business. Not only we have learnt this but we have also learnt the actual use of social network websites. Gone are the days when social networks were used to keep in touch with your friends/family, those who know the real use of it can do wonders with it and make good amount of money and some impression. It is all thanks to Mr. Asif Iqbal who has shared his wise knowledge which has been put to good use by his students to make him proud. You should take pride in what you do Sir, may God bless you and good luck with the future endeavor. Your students will always remember the lesson you taught us! I wish the semester duration was longer so we could take more knowledge from you. Thanks once again for being such an inspiration and a huge motivation.

Zain Kabani   
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I’m Student of Aisf Iqbal and I can say that he is one of the most excellent and expert SEO. For us Social Media and Internet Marketing was extremely challenging but he made it easy for us and explained us really well. Now we all can answer all questions which are related to Social Media and Internet Marketing. He actually made all of us an entrepreneur and now we hope to grow because of him.

Zainab Nazar   

"Sir Asif Iqbal is really a best and Expert SEO. His SEO Teaching techniques, work ethics & real-life experiences are excellent. During my training period I realized that he is not only committed & emphasize on white hat SEO but also describe the black hat SEO with its disastrous results. Indeed, a very intelligent & Good human being...! I attended the 20 days SEO classes at 5icreatons & I found a completely new way of thinking about SEO & other related activities. I finished this training feeling more confident and empowered and I highly recommend his SEO workshop."

Summyyiah Saleem   
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I’ve recently been taught Social Media and Internet Marketing by Sir Asif. I still remember the first question he asked in our class, “What do you think social media is all about?” and we were all clueless with having unsure answers. Now sadly that the semester has come to an end, I can answer this question and all the other questions/queries related to this field easily and confidently. Every first class of any student or even teacher is mostly about introductions and all but I remember Sir Asif teaching us that, “Every person is different, you all guys are all brands, it’s how you market yourself within the world/industry.” That specific “quotation” I’d say, struck me deeply. From that first class to our last class, I became active and interested in interacting and participating more in the class and do my level best in every assignment/quiz to learn and enhance my social media skills. And thankfully, Sir Asif was always there to boost up my morale and appreciate my learnt skills. In the middle of the semester, I was offered SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYST and VISUALIZER jobs from different social media companies in Karachi and this was all happening because of the skills I had been taught by SIR ASIF. He is not only a great teacher; he is a positive adviser as well. I’m successfully managing a food delivery business right now all thanks to Sir Asif. I hope to remain in contact with you, sir and I hope to attend every training of yours to achieve and learn every bit of the knowledge and skills you have. Thanks for the support, time and appreciation. Regards, Faiq Ahmed.

Faiq Ahmed   

I am a student of Sir Asif. As a teacher i respect him a lot. At first i thought that he is kind of reserved but with time I got to know that he's a very good person and teacher. He has always been open for any ideas you want for your business relating to social media promotion. He promised us in the beginning of the semester that he would make us establish a business. To be exact he said, 'You guys will thank me later'. He was absolutely right, apart from our non-serious attitude towards our business, we really can make it successful if we give proper time that it requires. Sir, it was great having you as an instructor who is not only teaching just another course, but also helping us for our future business and if not that, then at least making us think about establishing one. It was a pleasure. 🙂 Hope to learn more from you. Regards, Dania Tariq Lutfi.

Dania Tariq Lutfi   
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Hi, my name is Omar Bin Rashid and I have just done my SEO course from Mr. Asif Iqbal. I am glad to share that I had a wonderful experience under the guidance of Mr. Asif Iqbal. Before joining the course I was some what wayward in my approach and my concepts about SEO were too hazy. I was very confused about certain practices in SEO. I decided to take SEO tutorials from Mr. Asif Iqbal. I am glad that I have learnt new approaches and ways of practicing SEO. Moreover, I am working on the live project assigned by Mr. Asif Iqbal and my approach towards praticing SEO has changed. I feel much more confident now and I certainly recommend others who want to learn proper SEO techniques to seek guidance from Mr. Asif Iqbal. Omar Bin Rashid, Karachi, Pakistan

Omar Bin Rashid   
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I am running a website. But as you know running a website is not an easy job. There are numbers of thing we use to build a quality website. After that we always required a good marketing team to promote our product. But hire a good marketing team is very costly. So i decided to join Sir Asif Iqbal SEO Traning course to learn about web marketing and beleive me i learn alot and i being able to run my own web marketing team. Sir Asif Iqbal is not just a teacher but a good person as well. He always help me to get my website in top ranking. He always gives me his honest feedback. I have no words to say about Sir Asif Iqbal. He is really a great teacher who are up to date in the web marketing industry. He has great contribution in Pakistan Web Marketing Industry. I always respect him because he deserved. Thank You Nasir Marketing Manager

Nasir Sarfraz   
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Hello, My name is Adnan Fasih and I learned Internet Marketing Course from Sir Asif Iqbal, during my Masters in Advertising. He is surely the guru of Digital Industry. The knowledge I got from him, it changed my view about the Digital world and it gave me an opportunity to make my mark in this industry. Sir Asif Iqbal is definitely the right person for SEO, I recommended him for one of the top Brands of Pakistan and he delivered the magnificent results and precise consultancy for them. Right now, I am working in an International Digital Agency as a Digital Marketing Manager dealing with International Clients. All thanks to the Digital spark I got from this Man!

Adnan Fasih   
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My name is Nasir Qureshi and I learned Internet Marketing from this man. We might have had difference of opinions but in the end Mr. Iqbal proved himself as a worthy mentor, deserving respect and loyalty. He knows his stuff and nothing goes by him. I currently work as a concept/copy writer for an advertising Agency, the knowledge i gained from him proved incredibly valuable and helped me make jaws a few jaws drop in shock and awe because of my keen insights in digital marketing. All thanks to this man.

Nasir Qureshi   
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The course and the trainer were excellent. It has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to achieving in depth knowledge about SEO. It gave me a far greater grasp on ‘SEO’ the skills I learned will be invaluable to me, Excellent course and highly recommended

Kashif Intizam   
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My name is Taseer Raza. I took an SEO course from Asif Iqbal and came out with a Bachelor's in Internet Marketing. This course has completely changed my life and opened up a whole new career sitting right in front of me. His course allows your to think and analyze on your own and the live project he assigns is very helpful. I got my website to first rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. I thought only multinational corporations could do that! I could keep on saying positive things about his course but the truth is that you will not find a course like this anywhere in Pakistan. He loves to share his knowledge and information, even with his competitors. Who does that? Only a true guru.

Taseer Raza   
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Hello, My Name is Muhammad Tauseef Khan and I've done SEO Training from Asif Iqbal. This SEO Training is very good for those who want to learn SEO, specially Internet Marketers or those who want to establish their Online Business, I'm very much satisfied with the SEO Training and the competency of Asif Iqbal. I've been searching for a qualified SEO Trainer and have joined many so called SEO Training Centers and finally I came to Sir Asif Iqbal and got what exactly I was looking for. I would highly appreciate all students to join Sir Asif Iqbal's SEO Training and don't get exploited by Silly Institutes and so called SEO Trainers, you will surely get benefited like me.

Muhammad Tauseef Khan   
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Hi My Name is Farid Malik, I'm Graduated CUNY - the City University of New York, I started my career as SEO Trainer in New York, United States of America, then I came back to Pakistan and joined 365 Social Media, I brought them 3 projects too but later on I felt that I don't have complete knowledge of SEO, then I started searching over internet, I search Mr. Asif Iqbal over internet, there few people who also referred him to me that he is the only person who can give you accurate knowledge of SEO. I came to Sir Asif Iqbal and discussed my problems, during the discussion of over 30 minutes, I came to know that he's the right man to join. I joined him and I like the way he taught, he started from very beginning and gradually to advance level, the most important thing about this guy is that he teaches you on a LIVE PROJECT, that was really something I've never found anywhere in the world. After doing this SEO Training, I'm really feeling empowered and very confident, now I can join the old organization or any organization I want.

Farid Malik   

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